“Nothing is impossible”

Working under the motto “Nothing is impossible,” TV and show chefs Dirk Müller and Heiko Schulz conjure up a constant stream of new food creations and presentations at their KOCHBOX cookery school in the heart of Berlin.

The cookery pirates from Berlin aren’t only TV chefs – they have also been rocking the kitchens of the world with their Kochbox catering company since way back in 2007.

The Cookery Pirates

Yes, they’re pirates and they’re crazy too – but don’t worry, they use spoons as their weapons and the closest thing they wear to eye patches are chef’s hats. The cookery pirates only get dangerous when they see bad food – they show no mercy and put an end to it immediately.

The tattooed chefs from the capital city like to try out all sorts of stuff, which is why they come up with ideas like the famous Kochbox food tattoo after they’ve had a beer or two.


Available in bookshops since 15 March 2014 and at Kochbox!

“No enjoyment is temporary, since the impression it leaves is permanent.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (*1832)

“Cooking is like a punk rock song.”
Taking “Culinary Rebellion” as his motto, show and TV chef Walde always develops extraordinarily creative and radical food concepts.

Genius meets madness –
TV and show chef Heiko Schulz incessantly creates new dishes in the firm belief that nothing is impossible.

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